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Admissions Requirements

Each prospective student must have proof of a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma (GED) to be admitted to the College. Admission requirements are the same for all programs offered with the following exception: Students applying for admission to the BARBER/STYLIST FOR LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST 1000 CLOCK HOURS PROGRAM must hold a current Cosmetology License or Hair Designer License issued pursuant to Chapter 4 713 of the Ohio Revised Code. Credit can be given for previous training only if it occurred in a program approved by the State Board.

The Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board has established minimum standards for acceptance of student applicants for admission to the barber school. The barber school may establish entrance requirements which are more stringent than those prescribed by the Board, but the requirements must at a minimum require the applicant to meet all of the following: 1) be at least seventeen years of age; 2) be of good moral character; 3) have an eighth grade education, or an equivalent education as determined by the State Board of Education. This can be found under ORC 4709.10 on the Board’s website:

Upon acceptance to the College, all students (new and transfer) must submit the following:

  • A copy of their birth certificate
  • Proof of high school graduation or GED (secondary education) *a requirement of Dayton Barber College – a requirement of an accredited school.
  • A $40 State Student Registration Fee (State Board Fee)
  • Two (2) current pictures for the Student ID A minimum age of 17 years 1 month (a minimum of 18 years of age is required to sit for the licensing exam and to qualify for licensure as a barber)
  • A copy of their current, valid driver’s license, Military ID, USA passport, or other form of Government Identification

Proof of secondary education – high school diploma, an official transcript showing date of secondary school completion, or a state certification of home-school completion. Dayton Barber College does not admit Ability-to-Benefit students.

If providing a foreign high school diploma, the English translation along with confirmation that the education received is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma are required and need to come from an outside agency.

Please note: In addition to the above, students accepted in the BARBER/STYLIST FOR LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST 1000 CLOCK HOURS PROGRAM must also present a copy of their current Cosmetology License or Hair Designer License.


The Dayton Barber College abides by the State Board’s rules concerning the acceptance of hours/credits from other barber schools. Specifically, we will accept the hours/credits from other barber schools whether in or out of Ohio, only if the requesting student obtains the consent of the State Board. Potential students are required to fill out a “Request for Transfer of Clock Hours” form which can be found on the Board’s website:

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